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As a young girl paging through my mom's magazines, I would look at the pages and dream about creating them one day when I 'was big'. I didn't know that the word 'Graphic Designer' existed, but I knew that I wanted to create the artwork like I had seen there. And so, my passion for design was birthed.

After leaving school, it was no surprise that I headed off to do a course in Graphic Design and loved every minute of it! On this firm footing, I began a 15 year career in the corporate world, part of which was spent working for a firm in London. What I learned from my peers, colleagues and managers not only helped me to grow my design talents, but inspired me to embark on the exciting (and a little scary) journey of opening my own business in 2014.

With the ever-present support of my husband, family and friends, Creative & Pretty has been a great success! I am fortunate enough to have the best of both worlds: I have precious time with my daughter while running a business that is growing daily.

My passion is to offer creative services to small businesses that are impressive enough to produce the professional brand necessary to get them noticed without breaking the bank. I am equally excited to create fun and pretty or outrageous and daring invitations for children's parties and weddings or any other stationery. In design, there is never a dull moment, and this range from corporate to private jobs ensures that I am never bored with what I do and challenges me to continue to provide work that thrills my clients!

With that bit of background, let me hear from you! Big or small, I am eager to start working on your next project!




If you’re looking for something different for a loved one, I can create something unique and/or personalised for that very special touch or if you are a company searching for an industry related gift for your clients, just tell me your budget and I will provide some options for you!



My passion is to give your business a new face... from Logo’s, to business cards, flyers, brochures, etc... I have the expertise to improve your corporate image and get you noticed within your budget and without compromising on quality.



An invite sets the tone of your party so let me help you with that....Kids parties, weddings, engagements, any party you can think of... I’ve got the invite covered. Just tell me your budget and I can offer some suggestions or for the real budget conscious, why not create an e-invite?



You were born to stand out so don’t allow your CV to let you down. I can create something unique that will grab attention and may get you that dream job!

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